The first day of Dayspring Youth Choir was incredible. Thank you to everybody that came to the first rehearsal. Today we started to learn two pieces and set goals for our journey this year. First, we want to have fun. Music is exciting and brings people together, and we hope to capture that in our time together. Members of our ensemble come from differing musical experiences. By the end of our time together this year we hope to learn how to read music, and other basic musical skills. We want to be able to take this knowledge aIMG_6915nd be able to apply this knowledge in our future. Lastly, we hope to sing advanced music. This will come with time, and we hope that as we gain more members, our musical repertoire can increase in difficulty.

For next week, try to bring two friends with you to youth choir. Also, our ensemble needs a new name. Dayspring Youth Choir is ok, but it doesn’t have a great ring to it. Come to choir next Sunday with fun names in mind. Don’t forget, if you can talk you can sing. See you next week at 11:15 in the choir room.


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