Recruiting into your beginning music program can be a challenge. By using a recruiting video, you eliminate the hassle of pulling all of your instruments for every demonstration, and you lose some of the wow factor that can be found in a video. This video was created for the Art of Teaching Beginning Instrumentalist class at Arizona State University.

If I were to produce this video again, a few changes would be made. First, the demonstrations of instruments were fantastic, I believe that it would be beneficial if more were shown in the video itself. The picture demonstrations worked well, but it was hard to see just how large or small some instruments are. Along these same lines, another change would be to have different genders show different instruments. Unfortunately, in our video the instruments played by the people of the group were stereotypical to the gender. This was unintentional, but it is something to be aware of the next time a video is produced. The final update that would be helpful would be to edit the sound level of background music over speaking sections. At times, it is hard to hear over the background music.

Overall I thought that this video turned out very well, and it wouldn’t have been possible without every member of our group. Thank you for all of your hard work.


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